OOPS…Where did Some of the Homer Alaska PokeStops Go?

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Pokémon Go! OOPS…Where did Some of the Homer Alaska PokeStops Go?

These Moose are looking in all the wrong places!


With the recent release of Pokémon Go in early July many Homer residents are rediscovering history around the city. On Pioneer Ave, there are 16 Pokestops, many of which depict old landscapes that have since been changed, removed or simply no longer exist. The mural painted on the side of the piano studio in honor of the late Mary Epperson, done in 2014, is a current pokestop. Players can see the mural in its prime on the game, which keeps Mary’s memory alive.


The Homer fishing mural is another of the stops that has had a big change in the past years. The original mural, was painted over because it was peeling, can still be seen in its prime on the app.And the Ever Famous Salmon for Salmon Stock now Salmon Fest is not at the Homer Book Store

It’s tail is being repaired …so Here it is!


Pokémon Go is reviving memories all around Homer, giving long tem residents and visitors alike the opportunity to visit new parts of the city while taking a stroll down memory lane. The app is getting people moving, and meeting new people.

While Bay Realty is not a current pokestop within the app, any Pokémon trainer is welcome to stop in during business hours to get a piece of candy to energize them! There have been several Pokémon caught in the parking lot, so keep an eye out for Zubats and Pidgeys!

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