Debra, I am very appreciative of the quality of professionalism you provided in the sale of my luxury town homes in Girdwood at Mt. Alyeska. Your meticulous attention to detail and tireless effort you endured to close on the Cedar Creek town home for your clients from a long distance was successful due to your diligence and focused dedication. You not only provided top-notch service to your clients, but to the entire transaction process for all of us involved.
Thanks again Debra for the professional service you provided not only to your clients but to myself as well.

Cheryl Wika

Wide eyed and armed with very little knowledge about how to buy a house we walked into Bay Realty to just see what was on the market. We had not chosen a realtor yet- in fact we had just left the bank with our pre-approval. As we scanned the board for potential homes Debra Leisek approached us with what became a life changing offer. She immediately took us to see the home she had in mind. During our walk through she was chatting about the features of the home and was enthusiastic about our amazement in finding a house that fit all of our criteria. Little did we know at that moment that Debra would be our keystone for our house buying experience. She was liaison with the seller when we were trying to negotiate moving our things into the house. She doggedly pursued our bankers when they would not readily provide information about where we were in the loan process. She was more than supportive when we would call or come by the office-almost every day- to ask a question or just talk about our house. Even when Debra was out of the office it seemed that any staff member was willing to listen to our question and help direct us- everyone at Bay Realty seemed to care about our “Happily Ever After”. Now that we are mostly unpacked and are living in our dream home we look back and realize that if Debra wasn’t as knowledgeable and caring we would not have had such a smooth house buying experience- in fact we might not have even gotten our dream house at all. Thanks Debra!

Laura Jacobsen and Jeffy Murphy


Debra worked tirelessly and for a very long time on the sale of our house in Anchor Point. There were many, many challenges to making it work but she hung in there and managed to “make it happen”. It took 9 months from sale date to closing but Debra was there every step of the way to help us and our buyer through all the hurdles. She is relentless. Need help on selling or buying, trust Debra, we did and it worked!

Jack & Linda Winters

Thank You Debra Leisek and Bay Realty for your outstanding service. We love our new house and our commercial lot for our new dental office. It is great working with you!

Connie & Dr. Charles Cordova